General Questions

What does IES do?

IES is an engineering and construction company that designs, permits and builds fiber optic and coax telecommunication networks, including Wi-Fi and Microcell sites. See our full list of services [here].

What type of engineering services does IES offer?

Commercial Site survey, Aerial make-ready fielding and pole loading analysis as well as excavation and all facets of traffic control permitting including Cal-Trans, Railroad, flood control permits. See our Services page for a more comprehensive list.

Can IES send a project manager for onsite support?

Yes, IES supports multiple clients with onsite support.

Is IES a Union Company?

IES is non-Union Organized.

What drafting software does IES use?

IES uses AutoCAD, Bentley Comm, MapInfo and Spatial net.

What Design software does IES use?

IES uses Lode Data and Bentley Comm.

Does IES have a Safety Inspector?

Yes, IES has a Safety department that oversees all jobs on a daily basis.

What can IES do for my projects that other firms cannot?

  • IES offers the widest selection of construction and engineering services as a result of our “A” Licensing from the California Contractors State License Board and our engineering and construction crews’ decades of experience.
  • Worry free project management from start to finish through use of our proprietary client communication software (SEER), dedicated project manager, and 30 minute response time on client calls and emails.
  • Full and Partial Turnkey services.
  • Efficient Permitting and Planning processes performed by a dedicated team.

Service-Related Questions

Does IES know OCAL?

Yes IES is certified in OCAL and SpidaCalc.

Does IES offer directional drilling?

Yes, IES does directional drilling up to 2-4” PVC/HDPE conduits.

Does IES offer open trenching?

Yes, IES does backhoe trenching as well as rock saw and trencher trenching.

Does IES support on-call emergency response?

Yes, IES is the CATV primary responder for the city Bellflower, Compton and surrounding areas. IES is the secondary responder in the LA Beach Cities and primary responders for the Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and West Hollywood EPON Networks.

Does IES offer fiber splicing services?

Yes, IES does both ribbon and single mode fiber optic splicing.

Does IES offer Multiple Dwelling Unit Construction/Retrofit services?

Yes, IES offers both MDU build outs and installation services.

Does IES offer node segmentations?

Yes, IES offers segmentations as well as node splits.

Does IES offer system upgrade services?

Yes, IES supports system upgrades from outdated 350 MHz to 1GB.

Can IES set Manhole, including shoring?

Yes, IES has set Manholes for multiple Communication companies, including shoring.

Can IES set Poles?

Yes, IES offers pole setting services.

Can IES engineer Manhole Coring?

Yes, IES offers manhole coring services with complete butterfly sketches.

Does IES have their own fleet equipment and tools?

Yes, IES has over 70 vehicles in our fleet, including several trailers for hauling Bore Machines, backhoes, Bobcats etc.

Does IES know and engineer GO-95?

Yes, IES has engineering staff who are experienced in GO-95. In fact, IES was part of the JPA Methodolgy team that formulated the process on the fielding and data collection, and pole loading criteria for all utilities in the Joint Pole Committee.