Seeing that Telecom Multiple Service Operators (MSO’s) were frustrated with managing different aspects of design, planning, and construction, Carlos Mongello founded Inland Engineering Services (IES) in 2007 on the belief there could be a better, more streamlined way to complete telecom projects.

Since then, it’s been IES’s mission to expertly manage all aspects of your project from start to finish—all under one roof, and without exception.

We put an end to managing multiple
engineering and construction
companies by:
  • Delivering the widest variety of engineering and construction services plus the convenience of your project being managed by one company.
  • Providing peace of mind through 24/7 access to updates on all aspects of your project through our proprietary customer communication database.
  • Remaining accountable for your project from inception to completion through providing a dedicated project manager as a single point of contact.

With decades of experience and a dedication to delivering convenience and accountability to our customers, we can show you a better way to complete your project on-time and within budget.

Meet Our Management Team

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Carlos Mongello

Founder, CEO

With 20 years of leadership experience, Carlos has been responsible for thousands of miles of plant engineering and construction. Before founding IES in 2007, he began his career in the telecom industry as an Aerial Strand Draftsman in 1997, and moved to HFC design in 1999. He became a Engineering Manager 1999 and a Construction Manager in 2001. From 2004-2007, Carlos was the General Engineering-Construction Manager for a large construction firm specializing in FTTH projects.

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Dianell Caamano

Construction Operations Manager

Dianell has been in the telecom industry for 36 years and is known for her strong leadership and project management. At IES, manages CATV system upgrades, wireless construction build outs, and large capital budgets.

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Alfredo Mongello

Sr. Construction Manager North

Alfredo has been working in telecom for the past 10 years, starting off as a cable tv and telephone fielder, and going on to learn drafting RF maps and city permit and traffic control prints. He then moved from engineering to construction, where he managed budgets, and oversaw the construction of multi-million dollar aerial and underground construction projects for various MSO and Telecom companies.

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Rich Vega

IT Manager

Rich Vega has been working in the telecommunications engineering field since the mid 90’s. For the last 20 years he has specialized in creating streamlined automated processes for projects of all sizes.

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Rudy Valle

Commercial Survey Manager

Rudy has been working in the telecommunications industry for over 10 years. His background is in Residential and Commercial construction, and has managed and trained Commercial Communication Installation Teams. Rudy began working with IES in 2012 as a Field Engineer, and now manages the Commercial Communication Field Engineering Team.

When not at work, Rudy enjoys spending time with family and friends, being outdoors, playing sports, and travelling to new places.

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Joseph Lilly

Sr. Construction Manager South

Joseph has worked in the telecommunications field for 22 years and has been with IES since 2012. Joseph brings a wealth of experience to IES, including CATV installation, design/print reading, coax/fiber splicing, troubleshooting aerial and underground construction along with Rule 20 and joint trench experience.

In his spare time, Joseph enjoys spending time with his family and exploring the great outdoors.